Amazon launches Kindle MatchBook, gives cheap digital copies of your print books

Amazon has launched a cool new program for its Kindle book store, as it will roll out a service called MatchBook. The new program allows customers to buy a heavily discounted Kindle copy of physical books they’ve purchased from the online retailer.

Prices aren’t bad, as discounted digital copies will range from free to $2.99. There is a bit of a caveat as the MatchBook program will only house 70,000 books in its first launch, but the e-commerce giant did assure everyone that more books will be added on the daily. Just like how Prime books are listed, MatchBook titles will be listed in the same way.

This is a good start to getting folks to convert physical books into digital ones, however, Amazon needs to do more. For example, the online merchant needs to give people steep discounts on digital copies of physical books they’ve bought from other retailers. Until they do that, this MatchBook ¬†program can never truly succeed or be taken seriously.

In addition to opening up the MatchBook program to all books, it would be awesome if Amazon allowed people to resell their purchased books to other users. This kind of thing may be further down the pipeline, but would be great for Prime users and it would bring extra revenue to the company. This is something most folks out there would love because of space constraints, and it would give people credit or cash to spend on new books or other Amazon products. Just a thought.

[Amazon; via The Verge]



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