BBM coming to Windows Phone, desktop and the web?

BBM coming to Windows Phone, desktop and the web?

After iPhone and Android versions, BlackBerry is exploring other platforms for its BBM client. According to BlackBerry Scoop, the Canadian company may be working to bring its app to new places, including Windows Phone and tablets (iPad and Android). Moreover, a desktop app may also be in works as well as a web version that should work across different devices (as long as they have a web browser).

It makes sense to have an IM client accessible on as many platforms as possible and we do think BlackBerry is onto something with such strategy. It can’t make money from selling phones, perhaps it will able to do so from offering low-cost phone calls, and eventually turn into a VoIP provider. Hopefully that won’t be the case, but it’s a good idea to have a diverse income sources, nonetheless…

  • Leah

    Best had be coming to windows phone.
    My lumia always misses out on apps. The app store for windows phones is terrible!

    • Ray

      just like blackberry ahaha

      • Eric Sylvain

        Wow, no. It’s miles beyond the BB store. Even the WP7 one is.
        The large majority of users are perfectly fine with Windows Phone 8’s app store at this point though – it has the large majority of “top-apps” from the other platforms.

  • Due to the fact that we are becoming more and more mobile thanks to our smartphones, netbooks, tablets, e-readers, etc, we need continuous access to the Internet. Of course, it turns on the number of Web applications increases, but this does not mean that the Internet will soon turn off the desktop. As many of you, I have a netbook and a smartphone that I use in my work, but when I go home, I still have plenty of reason to turn on my personal computer, either playing to watch the video on my extra large LCD, or simply browsing the net.

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