Refreshed Google Glass Design Pictured With Earbud

It was only yesterday that Google revealed it would allow users of Google Glass Explorer editions to swap their existing units out for the updated design. And that was about it. Google remained rather quiet about the actual changes in the newest version of the headset, but a photo of the refreshed Google Glass has been released on the G+ page.

So what’s different? As far as we can tell, not much. The only notable difference shown in the photo above is now the user has the option of using an earbud¬†on the unit. Yes, Google Glass is still as geeky looking as it was before, only now you don’t have to rely on bone conduction. We’re sure that’s not all there is to the tweaked design and we’ll likely hear more as the launch of Google Glass nears, which we’re expecting to be sooner rather than later.

[Via: Engadget]

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