Firefox for Android updated with Guest Browsing

Firefox for Android updated with Guest Browsing

Mozilla has updated Firefox for Android with the Guest Browsing mode. The main idea here is to allow other people to use your phone or tablet without being able to access your personal information like browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, form data and/or open tabs.

Guest Browsing is designed to quickly and easily lock your personal data and provide your guest with a fresh new browsing experience. Once you enable Guest Browsing Firefox restarts with a fresh profile and deletes that guest’s information when the guest session is closed. This means you can let friends and family borrow your phone or tablet to surf the Web and make sure your own information is safe and secure.

To enable Guest Browsing, just tap on the Firefox Menu button, then “Tools” and tap “New Guest Session.” Friends can exit the guest browsing session by tapping on the Menu button and then selecting “Exit Guest Session.”

In addition, the new version of Firefox for Android adds support for Ukrainian, Irish and Romanian locales and is now available in total of 27 languages.

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