KitKat Commercial Teases Android 4.4

While we are all lying in wait for Google to drop the news of the LG Nexus 5 release and the subsequent appearance of Android 4.4 KitKat, a new KitKat commercial has been released, featuring everyone’s favorite cute green androids.

Of course, this is an other nod at Android 4.4, Google’s next version of Android that we’ve all been clamoring for. The latest rumor has the release of Android 4.4 pinned for a Halloween release, but since all of our predictions have been off for the last month, I’m done predicting. It’s time we all just pour ourselves a cup of tea, light up a cigar and read the evening paper. In other words, wait. KitKat will arrive when it arrives.

The video is somewhat amusing, showing one android tricking the other android into giving it a piece of its KitKat bar.

Check out the ad below, as well as another KitKat ad that has nothing to do with Google but is a classic nonetheless. So kick back and enjoy the ads while we wait for Google to drop Android 4.4.

[Via: You Tube]

  • Sean

    The second commercial seem like what exactly Google (being Panda) doing to us its fan (the photographer). Make us wait and wait then without any notice release Nexus 5 with Kitkat, which then get sold out in matter of hour, and we get stuck waiting again. Thanks Google folks for being so considerate of your fans.

  • wkoffke

    Hold the tea and cigar. I take a single malt while I wait

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