Samsung launches 5 new SDKs

Samsung launches 5 new SDKs

And we thought Samsung will have just one SDK?

During its developer conference in San Francisco, the Korean company unveiled 5 new SDKs, all of which are now available in beta:

  • Multiscreen SDK – that allows developers to take advantage of Samsung’s smartphones, tablets, TVs, and create apps that work across multiple displays.
  • Samsung Mobile SDK – that deals with features specific to Samsung mobile devices like S Pen support, Gestures, and so on.
  • Multiscreen Gaming SDK – made for game developers and publishers to enable development of multi-screen games. I.e. to allow folks to use their phone or tablet as a controller for the game on the TV.
  • Smart TV SDK – which comes with support from WebEngine 2014 for next year’s Smart TVs.
  • KNOX SDK – made for building apps for Samsung’s secure container.

While we realize that different companies need different SDKs, we still root for a single large package from which developers would select only the features they need. Before you know it, these separate SDKs could prove limiting…

[Via: SammyHub]

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