Beyond the Dead Official Launch – Zombie Apocolypse RPG for iPhone and iPad

Mobile gaming has its share of zombies, and certainly its share of RPGs. Now a new game, Beyond the Dead, brings the two together! The game is free to play, and available on iTunes now. It had a soft launch about a month ago, but the game’s officially launched today. It’s a Halloween miracle!

Gree’s new game Beyond the Dead shows its JRPG roots but adds social features and other modern touches to its gameplay.  The player guides a squad of five survivors through a zombie infested hellscape. The team is chosen from a roster of 125 survivors. Having selected a team, the player battles through a city overrun with the undead, beefing up the team’s stats along the way!

So if you’re feeling like having some spooky Halloween fun, check out Beyond the Dead. It’s the perfect companion to a night of Zombie movies!

Beyond the Dead is free to play and available on iTunes. For more information, check out the trailer and Gree’s press release below:

First Title from GREE’s Vancouver Studio is a Story-Inspired RPG Adventure

San Francisco, CA – October 31, 2013 – GREE, a leading developer of mobile games, today announced the launch of Beyond the Dead, a zombie-infested RPG adventure for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In Beyond the Dead, players enter a dark world to fight for humanity’s last chance at survival against a zombie apocalypse brought on by an unknown virus. The first title developed by GREE’s Vancouver studio, Beyond the Dead is available now for free on the App Store.

In this post-apocalyptic world, players prepare for attacks from undead hordes by teaming up with other survivors to fight to reclaim the human race and uncover the mystery behind the zombie outbreak. Gamers can select their own five-member zombie-killing armies by recruiting from over 125 characters each with their own unique skills, classes and weaponry. The game’s cut-throat PVP elements add a layer of personalization and depth to the gameplay requiring players to strategize about their squads’ unit composition when facing off against rival groups. The game also includes an exciting multiplayer feature where users can form alliances with others to help take down the most powerful enemies.

“For our first title, the team here in Vancouver set a high bar for ourselves, focusing on creating a captivating RPG experience on any iOS device,” said Steve Lin, General Manager, GREE Canada, Inc. “We wanted to build an experience where each person in your attack party matters and gives gamers the opportunity to explore the story behind everyone on their team. Players can expect a deep storyline where every mission into hostile zones provides a new piece of information surrounding the infection. What caused it? Who is the team’s mysterious benefactor? Is there a cure? All the while, survivors battle hordes of the undead, hostile bandits, and others that will stop at nothing in their own fight for survival. You’re the leader of the settlement and you decide what team you’ll take into battle. Whether or not everyone survives is up to you.”

Beyond the Dead features a series of vast post-apocalyptic zones, which players can explore while defeating zombies to earn precious rewards and loot to utilize later in the game. With its robust social features, the game will come to life as players size up and go head-to-head against other Beyond the Dead fans to see who is the toughest group of survivors, form alliances and cooperate with fellow players from around the world to take down the common enemy, and invade and rob rival players’ bases for rewards. Beyond the Dead will be frequently updated with new events, content, characters and features to keep the zombie hunting fresh and exciting.

Beyond the Dead is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at

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