BBM Releases Chat Widget For Android

BBM for iPhone and Android launching within days

If you’re one of the millions who has been enjoying the recent BBM Android app, you’re in for a treat. BlackBerry has added a nice looking widget to accompany its app, which can be easily installed by visiting the widgets tab when opening up the app drawer.

BBM was released a little over a week ago, and despite a negative response from the blogosphere and beyond managed to capture over 10 million downloads in the in a 24 hour period, from the App Store and Google Play Store combined.

The widget displays recent BBM chats, and has a button at the bottom of the widget that allows the messenger to be opened in a flash. Check out the video below to see the BBM widget in action!

[Via: N4BB]

  • its expected that blackberry would constantly improve the new BBM on android

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