Path reportedly headed to BlackBerry 10 next year [Updated]

Path, the private mobile social networking platform, is reported to be heading to the beleaguered BlackBerry 10 OS sometime next year. According to Crackberry, Path CEO Dave Morin said he would be doing such thing. This is great news if you happen to be an owner of any BlackBerry 10 device. However, with the company in flux, the future of the mobile operating system is unknown. No one knows if it’ll even be around next year, as developers continue to abandon this sinking ship that is BB10.

::: UPDATE :::

Not so fast, folks. Path just contacted us to tell us that its plans of coming to BlackBerry 10 are not concrete. Apparently, the original report from Crackberry was a misunderstanding of what the company meant.

“There are no plans to develop for Blackberry at this time. In the original interview they asked Dave if Path was interested and thinking about developing for Blackberry and he said yes that they “might” think about it next year, but no plans now.”

[Crackberry; via cnet]

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