Motorola updates its Touchless Control app, makes it easier to find your lost phone

Motorola updates its Touchless Control app

Motorola updated its Touchless Control app, making it easier to find your lost phone. Instead of simply calling your mobile from a landline, you can say “Ok, Google Now, find my phone” only to hear your beloved device alarming you about its location. The problem, however, is that you’ll likely have to be in the same room with the phone as software may have hard time decoding your voice from another room. Likewise, if there’s a background noise that you can’t eliminate, this won’t work. Alternatively, you can use Android Device Manager and remotely start the alert, which is well, something that will get the job done every time.

We like voice-controlled capabilities but this isn’t the feature we can’t live without. Still, it’s yet another step in the right direction and we have to give some credits to Motorola (or that’s Google?) for further improving this application.

Aside from “Where’s my phone” feature, Touchless Control also got improved accessibility access for the visually impaired, while some of the bugs have been fixed.

Touchless Control (FREE) [Google Play Store]

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