Next year’s HTC M8 to debut with Sense 6.0

Next year's HTC M8 to debut with Sense 6.0

HTC’s next year flagship, marked as M8, will be the first Sense 6.0 handset, according to EVleaks. It’s still unclear what the new version of HTC’s UI will bring to the table but we’re sure it will be designed to make life easier to the users, packing many usability improvements along the way as well as new HTC apps.

Of course, the M8 is a codename and the final product will have a different name. Since this year’s flagship, HTC One, was codenamed M7, perhaps its counterpart for 2014 will be known as HTC Two? Perhaps not. The chances are we’ll have to wait for another few months to get this and some other answers.

As for what we expect from the HTC One successor, we want it to have more RAM, faster processor while keeping its sexy aluminum body and powerful (Ultrapixel) camera. What would you want from it?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I root for the HTC Two name.

  • wiezewee

    Slimmer/No bezel!!!!! On screen buttons. More narrower (should come natural with slimmer/no bezel)

  • wiezewee

    They should call it HTC One again, just the 2014 version. Like the Nexus 7’s

  • beatles

    OBVIOUSLY, like saying samsung is crapsung

  • carlwgn

    To be quite frank, the only faults I have had with the M7 are easily resolved if you root. It’s already the best out and Id lay a lot of money on it that the next Samsung handset won’t even get close to this phones build quality. Probably have a leather look oiec of plastic like Note 3.

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