Verizon’s DROID RAZR M gets a bug-fixing update, stays at Android 4.1.2

DROID RAZR M gets a bug-fixing update, stays at Android 4.1.2

Verizon has started rolling out a maintenance update for the DROID RAZR M. As such [maintenance update], this firmware release doesn’t include major new features and apps. Rather, it will just make sure your phone is more stable, squashing some bugs along the way.

Unfortunately though, the RAZR M won’t get Android 4.2 (let alone 4.3) but you will benefit from a more accurate GPS icon, improved HDMI performance, as well as the ability to use Rapid Charging while the device is off. Moreover, there’s a new version of Verizon’s backup assistant, for what it counts.

Again and again, we keep repeating that you/everyone should keep its mobile device’s firmware up to date at all times, so as soon as your RAZR M informs you about the new software, push that button. Alternatively, you may want to check unofficial routes to cram the newer version of the platform to your Moto phone. It’s your call…

  • DaffyDillyO

    Update damaged my SD card

    • Simone95

      Have you been able to get it fixed? I’m having trouble with my SD card after updating my phone and I’m pretty sure it got damaged from the update.

  • jamesthefourtieth

    The Droid Razr M has no HDMI port…… Why are they updating the HDMI drivers?

  • Simone95

    I think the update damaged my SD card. All the the music I have on my card still shows up but it does not play any of the songs saved on it.

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