Nexus 5 Coming to T-Mobile on November 20th?

Google and LG finally released the Nexus 5 last week, and it’s been available on the Google Play Store since Halloween. T-Mobile announced the Nexus 5 for a holiday launch, dropping a sign-up page following Google’s announcement. Now a new leaked photo points to the T-Mobile Nexus 5 releasing on November 20th!

The leaked photo (seen above) shows what’s claimed to be a retail planning guide from T-Mobile. The listing clearly shows the Nexus 5 launch for November 20th. Along with the Nexus 7 and some holiday sales incentives, the Nexus 5 is on the list for “all channels”

Google dropped the Nexus 5 last week, after several weeks of constant leaks. The phone might have been the worst kept secret of all time, but when it finally launched it lived up to all its expectations. Currently, unlocked Nexus 5 smartphones are available only from the Google Play store.

If this leaked release date proves true, it should put T-Mobile in the sweet position as the first carrier to offer the Nexus 5. So far, neither T-Mobile, Google, nor LG have commented on the leak or on any launch dates. We’ll keep you posted as the updates roll in. Any T-Mobile users out there waiting on the Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments!

[Via: Tmo News]

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