SwiftKey 4.3 now available in Google Play Store!

SwiftKey 4.3 now available in Google Play Store!

After successful beta, SwiftKey 4.3 is hitting the Google Play Store to yet again reclaim the title of the world’s best virtual keyboard for Android… or any other platform for that matter.

The main new thing included in this release are multiple keyboard layouts that could “act” differently of different devices. For instance, you may want a right/left aligned keyboard on a phablet, and centered / full-screen one on a “regular” smartphone. Likewise, on your tablet, you’ll want keys closer to the edges to make it easier to thumb-type. You can customize all this and more with SwiftKey 4.3.

Speaking of tablets, SwiftKey is now available as a single app and will work both on phones and tablets. Gone are the days when you needed a special SwiftKey for a bigger screen – version 4.3 sings along all devices.

Back to what SwiftKey calls “Layouts for Living.” The company’s CEO claims these “make it easier and more comfortable to type, whatever you’re using and whatever you’re doing.” We couldn’t agree more. Install SwiftKey on your phone today… or just update it if you already have it on your device.

SwiftKey (FREE) [Google Play Store]

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