Image sensors make a good smartphone camera [infographic]

Image sensors make a good smartphone camera

Today, smartphones have made it easier than ever to capture beautiful images and videos. But what makes a good smartphone camera? It’s actually the image sensor. This piece of technology may be small, but it has a big impact on whatever your Instagram selfie is blurry or your Vine video is pixelated. You can see why image sensors matter from an infographic prepared by Samsung Semiconductor. Some of the highlights include:

  • A high-resolution image sensor means you can take sharper images and videos.
  • A faster image sensor means no shutter lag between pressing the button and snapping a photo, so you’ll catch the moment as it’s happening.
  • Image sensors with better low-light sensitivity will let you take a noise- and blur-free pictures in a dark environment.
  • With good dynamic range and well-saturated colors, the image or video you take is just as beautiful as the one you see
  • A high-performing image sensors ensures you’re not wasting your device’s battery, especially when shooting long videos or using augmented reality apps.

And here’s that infographic.

Image sensors make a good smartphone camera

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    What about xenon flash?

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