Rumor: MotoMaker For All U.S. Carriers On November 11th

Verizon to get Moto Maker on November 11th?

MotoMaker has been exclusive to AT&T up until this point, with Moto X customers on other carriers having to settle for the black and white models. We recently heard rumors that MotoMaker would be coming to all major U.S. carriers by November 11th, and a new picture from @evleaks adds fuel to this fire.

MotoMaker was also rumored to add support for T-Mobile today, but has not materialized at time of writing.

MotoMaker allows customers to choose from 18 back colors, custom boot messages, 16 or 32GB of storage, 7 accent colors, 16 unique wallpapers, engraving for the back cover, and 2 front colors. Moto X owners can even choose unique Sol Republic headphones in a matching color, and a matching colored charger to boot. There are 504 possible configurations of the Moto X, each one unlike the other.

Hopefully by Monday all major U.S. carriers will have access to the awesome Moto X customization tool.

[Via: @evleaks]

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