Samsung: Folding Display Coming in 2015

Samsung is always innovating, and screen technology is a major facet of the company’s R&D. Recently Samsung released the Galaxy Round, sporting a ground-breaking curved display. Now Samsung has announced it’s working on a revolutionary display that is scheduled to be coming to market in 2015. It won’t merely be flexible, it will be completely foldable!

The implications of the technology are huge (as the video below shows). Forget about phablets, you can have a slim phone that folds out to full tablet size! Samsung usually hits its marks when it announces these sort of things, so 2015 could be the year that fold-up technology becomes a household reality. It’s really only a minor leap, technologically, to the digital paper from Sci-Fi movies!

The technology is still in development, but Samsung prepared a little video vignette showing some potential ways the folding display tech could be used. In a coffee shop setting a woman ,who apparently dates people based on the type of phone they have is being, is wowed by the folding Samsung device the man next to her is sporting. She rebuffs the advances of the douchey bluetoothed hipster-Heisenberg to her right, but gives the Samsung guy her card.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think the comments!

[Via: Gizmodo]

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