Xbox One Won’t Play 3D Blu-Ray Discs Out Of The Box

Mircorsoft’s Xbone Xbox One is hitting U.S. shelves on November 22nd, just a few week after the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4, which is scheduled for November 14th. Learning from the Xbox 360 HD-DVD debacle of the mid-2000’s, Microsoft has decided to throw a Blu-ray player in the new Xbone.

That’s good news for prospective Xbox One owners, but here’s something that’s not; 3D Blu-ray discs will not be supported. Not for now, at least, according to CNET. Microsoft could bring 3D Blu-ray support in the future, but it will not be supported out of the box.

This probably isn’t a big deal to some, as 3-D TV’s aren’t that widespread yet. While the technology is definitely getting cheaper and more widespread, the glasses required to experience 3D are still pretty pricey. Very few games utilizing 3D have been released so far, but the technology could very well become important in the near future.

Currently, Sony’s PS3 supports 3D games and movies, and the PS4 is expected to as well. Sony made mention of supporting 3D games in their recently released Ultimate PS4 FAQ, but does not clarify if 3D Blu-ray discs are supported. We will know soon after the console’s November 15th launch.

If Microsoft deems it necessary, they will update in the future, supposedly. Are you bummed out by this news? Let us know in the comments.

[Via: CNET]

  • stephan boxie

    I’m very upset cuz now I’m still switching inputs because I doubt my 3d bluray player will pass thru the xbox one

  • Mike

    Due to resolution issues, it will only output 2.6D

  • Rob

    This sucks. I have many 3D blu rays because the quality on my 65″ 3D TV is AMAZING, and I can’t imagine watching them in 2D after the experience of 3D. I am currently using my 2nd gen PS3(!) to do something my “next gen” xbox one cannot? I don’t get it. I wanted to finally sell my PS3, and now I have to hang onto it simply for its 3D capability?! STUPID

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