@Moonlightswami Receives Xbox One Early; You Tube Flags Unboxing Video, Microsoft Bans His Console

Twitter user @Moonlightswami is a very, very lucky dude. Due to an apparent shipping glitch, Swami got his pre-ordered Xbox One delivered to his doorstep yesterday, a full two weeks before the console’s official launch. He had ordered the next generation console from Target, which reportedly had accidentally shipped a few consoles a little too early. Another Xbox One popped up on eBay yesterday for $10,000, but was promptly pulled from the website.

Suffice to say, getting his Xbone early made Swami a very happy dude.

After his celebratory Tweet, Moonlightswami quickly went to work, lighting up Twitter with details of his findings. He confirmed the so-called ‘Day One’ update, which is required before using the XBox One, which is 500MB in size.

Moonlightswami began unboxing his Xbox One, and created an unboxing video, which he promptly uploaded to YouTube. And then the fun began.

The video was quickly taken down per request of Microsoft, and Swami’s console was banned from Xbox Live. Microsoft reached out to Moonlightswami, asking him details of his experience. Obviously, the big M didn’t want any early press about their console, but want to pretend to be civil about it.

All drama aside, Moonlightswami discovered some pretty cool stuff after firing up his Xbox One. He was able to access the Marketplace for a little bit, and found listings games such as NBA 2K14, Madden, FIFA, Dead Rising 3 and Call Of Duty: Ghosts. Many of the games are around 30GB in size, but range anywhere from 8GB to 40GB. Swami was able to play games while they were installing, but only after the game was 50 percent installed. He also noted that the console takes a mere 17 seconds to boot, and that some aesthetic dashboard changes have been made.

As for games, it looks as though Swami got his hands on a physical copy of Call Of Duty: Ghosts, and was able to download Killer Instinct before he was banished from Xbox Live. It took him 30 minutes to install Ghosts, and Netflix, Hulu and Skype are all present, although not functioning at the moment.


Hopefully, Moonlightswami’s video will appear on the internet soon, as I’m sure we’d all love to see Microsoft’s new toy being unboxed. I’m no lawyer but it seems as though Moonlightswami isn’t in violation of copyright infringement, as he is not press, never agreed to an embargo and got the console through perfectly legal means. But those with capital get special treatment, and Microsoft certainly has a lot of it.

[Via: @moonlightswami , TechnoBuffalo , Kotaku]

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