Lightercase Lets You Light Up Cigarettes With Your iPhone or Android Device

Smartphones are smart alright, but they do lack one important feature: a cigarette lighter. If you’ve ever found yourself without a lighter when you’re jonesing for that nicotine fix, then a new Indiegogo project is right up your alley. Lightercase has almost reached its funding goal, and is a plastic smartphone case that incorporates a flameless cigarette lighter and powerful LED light into its design.

The lightercase doesn’t produce a flame like a typical gas lighter, but instead uses a heated metallic coil similar in design to a car lighter. The coil activates 2 seconds after a cover is moved, and produces just around five watts of heat. The cover can light up to five hundred cigarettes before a recharge is needed. The LED is located on the top of the case, and provides a powerful alternative for your smartphone’s camera flash.

Lightercase will come in four color options, including black with black accents, black with blue accents, white with white accents and white with pink accents. Lightercase will be available for iPhone 4 and 4s models, iPhone 5 and 5s models as well as the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4.

Check out the Lightercase’s Indigogo page and help support this awesome case!

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