Photo Shootout: Nexus 5 vs. LG G2

Smartphone cameras are becoming a really big deal, one of the most sought after features on a smartphone these days. Cameras and the software that powers them gets better and better each day, allowing for cameras with mediocre specs to take amazing photos like their more powerful cousins. That’s the case in today’s photo shootout, where we pit the LG G2 and the LG Nexus 5 up against each other in a photo fight to the death. Who will come out on top? Read on to find out.

If you’re familiar with the LG G2, you’d know that the device is no slouch. LG’s flagship smartphone is a sight to behold, touting a 5.2 inch display and a 13MP camera. LG’s Googly Nexus 5 rocks a 5 inch display, and a 8MP camera.

So clearly, the G2, with the 13MP camera would best the Nexus 5 with only an 8MP camera? Wrong. The Nexus 5 pictures look not only more clear but more vibrant and less washed out than those of the LG G2. Why, you may ask?

While megapixels are important in a smartphone camera, so is the light sensor and software. For example, the HTC One technically has a 4MP camera, but has an advanced CMOS Sensor and optical lens system that helps capture more light than 13MP cameras. Software is also another key component of a good picture, and it looks like the Nexus 5 has the G2 beat in that department. Usually, Nexus phones take a backseat in the camera department, but Google has made sure that their 8MP shooter was up to snuff.

The Nexus 5 is running on Android 4.4 KitKat, while the LG G2 is stuck on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. KitKat does include a number of camera bugfixes and HDR+ which seem to help the Nexus 5 beat out its sibling in the photo department.

So check out the pictures below and tell us what you think, which do you prefer?

LG Nexus 5





LG Nexus 5



LG Nexus 5


LG Nexus 5



LG Nexus 5


LG Nexus 5


LG Nexus 5


  • Steve Ballmer

    You may want to redo that last shot because it looks like the G2 is unfairly being exposed to more light while the Nexus 5 is angled more towards the tree and can take advantage of the building’s shading.

    • Willie D

      Actually the camera on the Nexus 5 has a larger field of vision, which is why the final picture looks like it is angled but it is not. Both of the photos were taken at the same time of day and exactly the same location and same angles. I know as I was the one who took the photos with the Nexus 5 that are posted here.

      • disqus_X93klfG91s

        @WillieFDiaz:disqus the lens of the G2 was smeared? Why are all of its photos so hazy?

      • James

        I call probable shenanigans because several of the photos have the exact same view or a larger field of view for the G2. In light of your above comment this should not be possible. Also you’re displaying awfully low res pics for a camera comparison, why? Several of your G2 pics show more detail than your “better” Nexus pics. And finally all your G2 pics are washed out, but I don’t see this in any other review. Very strange.

  • Brian

    Isn’t it funny every other camera comparison is the complete opposite to this one???

  • Ryan Daniel

    I’m rocking the G2 and the camera is spectacular! I am curious to see what happens when the G2 gets KitKat now.

  • Guest


  • MrChris

    Images that are 650×488 ??? Seriously?? for a photo comparison article. Poor.

  • anthony i

    I normally don’t leave comments but i had to here, who ever did this article is full of sh*# i have the lg g2 and the photos come out amazing dont know why anyone would say they, dont i’ve taking a few hundred pics with this phone, on vacation or just anything and pics are great in and out doors.

  • Chris York

    I’m assuming that all of the shots are HDR+ (which would destroy the competition because it’s damn amazing at producing rich files).

  • CharlesJorgenson

    pretty sure you messed up your G2? i have one and the pictures it takes look nothing like what you have posted? it hasnt overexposed anything like you are showing here…

  • Heatshiver

    I do have to agree with most that it seems a bit prejudiced… It should also be stated whether or not you use the full 13MP (which is said to be of much better quality than 10MP – which it defaults to – or below) on the LG G2.

    Beyond that, I see your photos in a different “light”. I like to color correct so I don’t like my photos being overly saturated as most the the Nexus’ seem to be. Photos like that make it very hard to color correct. A neutral photo is always better.

    There is also a new official camera update out in some places, so it may have been better to wait for that. Or maybe you could do a followup article…

    The LG G2 does have post-processing done, but maybe the LG Nexus has it to a worse degree?

  • jralphroman

    Something must be wrong with the reviewers G2 cause this must be the only G2 vs N5 camera comparison that claims the G2’s camera is inferior compared to the N5

  • AndyAndroid

    There’s some weird filter over thje g2s pictures. Ive never seen g2 pictures like those. Must be a smeared lens or something. G2’s pictures would beat the nexus 5 anyday what Ive seen. Live and in other photoreviews.

  • gino

    hey Ian, how much money received from google for this article?

  • Shoukat Ali

    It’s a trick, google Nexus 5 is not fully complete. The LG G2 has 13mp camera with 2160p capturing video but Nexus 5 has 8mp 1080p capturing video,in that thing G2 wins but in coloring Nexus 5 is 445ppi that’s why that Nexus 5 is better in capturing pictures but not in capturing video.

    • aantoine87

      if i’m not mistaken, screen resolution has nothing to do with the quality of pictures other than how it looks on ur phone

  • Owner of most smartphones

    Is this what they call Trolling? Because if it is….
    Maaaan…. you are THE best!!!!
    Best trolling I’ve ever seen!!!!
    What a smart one!!!!
    Mess up the G2’s cam settings and results and sit back and watch the comments…
    You are the KING of trolling!!!!!

  • Shiva Rv

    no far as i know lg g2’s camera is here it looks poor to nexus 5…?

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