Official Vine app comes to Windows Phone, brings Live Tile and camera integration

Vine today announced that it has taken the Windows Phone plunge. Users can now enjoy all the six second craziness that all Android and iOS users have enjoyed for so long. Well, it safe to say that Nokia has kept its promise when it said Windows Phone would be getting the video sharing service back in the Summer. This is an encouraging sign for those who’ve remained on the fence for jumping to Windows Phone due to the lack of major apps.

The Windows version of the Vine app does many of the same things found on other platforms, including the usual create six second videos using the rear-or front-facing cameras. However, Vine is making great use of Microsoft’s WP8 mobile OS by adding the ability to pin Vine users to the Start screen, and integration with the Windows Phone camera Lens feature. In addition Vine will support fast resume, a key feature for Windows Phone’s multitasking.

Can’t wait to see this app in action for myself. I’m really curious about how the Live Tile and camera features will play out usability-wise on something like the Lumia 920 or 1020. This is hopefully a sign for more good things to come as Windows Phone users continue to wait for official apps such as Flipboard, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

The app is now available for all. Folks on Windows Phone 8 can download the official Vine app for Windows Phone here in the Store.

Let us know how the app handles?

[Vine; via WPCentral]


  • Truffol

    This is perfect testament that the Windows/Nokia partnership plan is working. Ballmer has always wanted to use the tie-up to bring the Windows Mobile user base at least to a critical mass to attract developers to help them shape an app ecosystem. With Nokia Lumia sales figures on the rise it’s no surprise Vine has joined the ranks.

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