Swords and Spells RPG for iOS – Coming to Android Soon!

Xyrality has announced its new RPG, Swords and Spells is out for iOS today. The game used the Unity 3D engine to offer a high quality 3D RPG experience that looks great. It’s free to play and will be also be coming to Android devices soon!

Swords and Spells puts you in charge of defending the mythical land of Albion. You’ll adventure through the mobile MMORPG with fellow adventurers you’ll meet along the way, upgrading your character and gear, and joining guilds to focus on certain skills.

Your band of warriors will have their work cut out for them, as the game sports over 100 missions populated with over 90 different monsters! There’s no shortage of free to play RPG action on mobile these days, but Swords and Spells looks good!

Check out Xyrality’s press release below, and grab Swords and Spells for iOS here:

P r e s s  R e l e a s e

Xyrality releases the mobile fantasy RPG “Swords and Spells”
Hamburg, November 12th 2013 – Attention RPG fans, as of today, the mobile fantasy RPG “Swords and Spells” is available in the App Store. From now on, all adventurers on iOS are invited to demonstrate their courage in the fantastic game world of “Abion”.

“The dynamic character view in 3D, the meticulous conception of artworks and graphic effects do not have any equivalent in the segment of mobile RPGs” states Volker Dressel, CMO by Xyrality “with the addition of thousands of randomly generated items and the depth of the strategy, we can guarantee an intensive game experience.”

Some screenshots can be downloaded from:

An Android version will follow soon. To be sure not to miss it, It’s possible to register at http://www.swordsandspells.com and be warned as soon as it starts.

About Swords and Spells
Swords and Spells is a high quality mobile fantasy RPG set in the fascinating world of “Abion”. Players choose a hero and embark on a captivating journey through “Abion”, completing more than 100 missions and defeating over 90 different monsters on the way. Swords and Spells offers tons of carefully designed weapons, pieces of armour and other special items. Versatile battle and skill systems offer players a lot of strategic options as well as some heavy tactical challenges. The Unity3D-Engine in place allows for a 3D character display, in which players can experience the development of their character in real time while setting up attributes and gear for the next battle. Last but not least, this innovative mobile RPG is topped up by high quality graphics.

Xyrality is a fast growing, independent Hamburg developer and publisher consisting of 75 dedicated employees. This young company develops and markets games, which are available on smartphones and tablets as well as web browsers. The debut title “Lords & Knights”, is an innovative strategy-building-MMOG in a medieval setting. Within a few months of the publication in June 2011, Xyrality evolved to become one of the most successful start-ups in the industry. Pocketgamer.biz proclaimed Xyrality as one of the Top 50 mobile Developers of 2013 worldwide; in 2012 Xyrality featured several times in “Best of Apple’s App Store”. Today the portfolio includes five titles that have altogether been downloaded more than 10 million times; Other games are to be published soon. More information can be found at www.xyrality.com.

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