36 new companies join Tizen Association’s partner program

36 new companies join Tizen Association's partner program

Tizen Association launched its partner program with the idea to broaden support of the Tizen platform across a more diverse set of companies. And they already have a line-up of no less than 36 companies, including: 11 Bit Studios, ACCESS, appbackr, AppCarousel, ArtSpark Holdings, Celsys Inc., Citymaps, Crucial Tec, eBay, F@N Communications, Goo Technologies, HERE (a Nokia business), HI Corporation, Igalia S.L., KeyPoint Technologies, KONAMI, Konantech, McAfee, Mobica, Monotype Imaging Inc., Mutecsoft, Neos Corporation, NTT Data MSE, Open Mobile, Panasonic, PCPhase, Quixey, Reaktor Fusion, Sharp, Symphony Teleca, Systena, The Weather Channel, Tieto, TrendMicro, TuneIn Radio, and YoYo Games.

Each of the new members has the potential to join relevant Tizen Association Working Groups and to participate in Tizen Association meetings, giving them “more insight and potential input into the development of the Tizen Operating System (OS).” Other companies interested in joining the Tizen Association Partner Program can visit Tizen Association’s website

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