Apple TV Concept Shows Off Curved Display And Multiple Colors

Concept designs come and go, but this one will be seared into your brain forever. Martin Hajek has created a series of beautiful Apple TV concepts, which put the current boxy Apple TV to shame.

Hajek envisions a future Apple TV which is much more than a box. The TV sports a massive screen, which bares a glorious curve. The Apple TV concept also draws on the design of the iPhone 5s by picturing two different colors for the TV, black and gold, or champagne as its referred to by Apple.

With no Apple TV upgrade in sight, we certainly hope Apple gets a look at these amazing concept pictures and takes a page from Hajek’s amazing concepts.

Check out all of Hajek’s Apple TV concept photos here! And be sure to check out Samsung Galaxy S5 concepts as well.





[Via: Martin Hajek]

  • Dan

    The curve is not a functional design, It limits the range of sight, and the view from the side would be obstructed… Just because it’s cool, it doesn’t make it practical!

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