Watch The LG G Flex Live Up To Its Name (VIDEO)

Smartphones with flexible and curved displays will no longer be just a dream in the near future, as the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex have already been officially announced. LG’s upcoming G Flex is the more interesting to us, and the latest video of the device shows it living up to its name.

Not only does the LG G Flex have a curved display and can ‘flex’ as the name suggests, but it also ships with a self-healing back plate that can repair itself from light scratches that you’d otherwise have to see glaring back at you after the device slips out of your pocket and onto the ground. Sure, both the curved display and the ‘seal-healing backing sound like a pretty big gimmick, but LG has a video that shows its upcoming device in action.

Take a look!

After seeing this video, we can’t say that we’re not impressed. Combining a curved display, which may sound like a big gimmick, with such a super-helpful feature like a self-healing backing makes the idea of the G Flex sound much more than enticing. The G Flex offers up two very distinct features that just haven’t been available in the smartphone market before, which could possibly make the device a big hit. And no matter how the public responds to the handset, we want to see the self-healing technology on LG smartphones going forward.

With the rumors of the G Flex hitting AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in early 2014, LG may start the year off with a huge bang.


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