Top Smartphones For 2013: Editors’ Choice Edition

It’s been a wild year in the smartphone world, and we’ve seen some incredible devices hit store shelves. To celebrate this great year in mobile, the IntoMobile team is going to layout their favorite phones that have been announced in 2013.

Most of the devices you’ll see below are tried and true, while some newer devices have yet to make it to the US shores, but all deserve to be on this list!

Blake’s Pick: LG G2

The LG G2 gets my pick for top smartphone of the year. Even with such steep competition, LG brought a device to the table that not only had incredibly powerful hardware, but also a unique design that really grew on me.

The power and volume buttons on the back side of the device may be off-putting to some, but after using the device as my primary phone for a month, I completely adapted and enjoy the placement. The screen is gorgeous, the camera is great, and the CPU is blazingly fast. Plus, the software LG G2 has many custom software features that you actually want to use.

Even though the Nexus 5 shares a majority of the same hardware, the LG G2 is a phone I can see myself using for quite a while.

Ian’s Pick: HTC One

HTC One Max won't come to Canada

While many top-notch smartphones were released this year, my favorite phone of the year is still the HTC One. The 4.7 inch display is simply stunning, and the Ultrapixel camera is an interesting change from other smartphone cameras. While pictures sometimes turn on a little washed out, the HDR feature creates some awesome pics, and the BoomSound speakers turn the HTC One into a veritable portable boombox. I’m not a huge fan of HTC’s Sense UI, but Nova Launcher has allowed me to bypass Sense and have a simple, clean homescreen and app drawer. The aluminum body and curved back feel great in the hand, and the IR blaster is a welcome addition.

The HTC One holds its own, even against more recently released devices such as the LG G2, Nexus 5 and Moto X. With deep discounts on the device across multiple carriers, the HTC One will get you the most bang for your buck this holiday season.

Dusan’s Pick: LG G Flex

LG G Flex coming to France in December!

As far as I’m concerned, LG G Flex was by far the most innovative product announced this year. Samsung’s Galaxy Round also has a curved display, but LG’s self-healing back won me over. Furthermore, the G Flex seems more natural (than Galaxy Round) to hold next to your ear and I can’t wait to try it out. As far as we know, the Korean company plans to launch it in the U.S. and Europe next year, though France may get it even earlier (December). My hope is that the G Flex will pave the way not just for LG but for the entire mobile industry as it’s looking to innovate beyond megapixels and screen sizes. The promise of the flexible screen has been long overdue… LG is the pioneer in this field and we gotta both love and respect it for that!

Wade’s Pick: Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

My top phone for 2013 is Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Samsung’s 4th iteration of its flagship ruled the year in a way no other device could. While other handsets might have beat the S4 in raw power, Samsung’s brand recognition and smart ad campaign made its Galaxy S4 the front-runner when it released, and one of the top-selling smartphones of all time. It’s approaching 50 Million sold as we speak! The GS4 isn’t a shabby device either, with impressive specs for the time of its April release, and Samsung’s camera app beat stock Android’s by a mile. Too bad about the plasticky feel and 9 GB of bloatware but drawbacks aside, if any phone can claim 2013’s crown it’s the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Charles’ Pick: iPhone 5s

This year we’ve seen some pretty incredible phones release from companies like Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola. However the one that took first place for me is Apple’s iPhone 5S. I’m not going to gush all over a phone you’ve heard so much about already, but I will say consistency is the key component to why it has my top spot. Almost every year Apple nails it when it comes to quality hardware, software, and camera optics, putting it head and shoulders above its competition. That being said, I’d say other phone makers have done a much better job recently in closing the gap. This is why Apple will have to continue innovating to stay above the fray.

I couldn’t leave without giving an honorary mention to my second favorite phone of the year: the Motorola Moto X. I absolutely loved my time with the Moto X; the handset’s hardware and camera was above average; its neat features and overall experience was pleasant day-to-day.

So there you have it, folks! Be sure to tell us you favorite phone for 2013 in the comments below!

  • All have their pros and cons, but when I consider screen, software, and price, I have to go Nexus 5.

  • ritamasrex

    My choice is Xperia Z1

  • Midickcockyou

    z1 is the best! this lg g2 is a shit

  • Procurement ReadyMix

    Sony Xperia Z & Z1 the best for me.

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