Nexus 5 could’ve been called Nexus G

Nexus 5 could've been called Nexus G

You know how some of the earlier Nexus devices wore Samsung-specific monikers? I’m talking about Nexus S (as in Galaxy S) and Nexus Galaxy. Well, LG wanted a similar deal for the new Nexus 5 – it would’ve liked that Google opted for the Nexus G name that goes in line with the company’s new policy to use “G” suffix (without “Optimus”) for its high-end devices.

Alas, for some reason or another, the search giant liked the name with number more, and since they get to decide on these matters, today we have the Nexus 5. And we like it that way, though we would like the Nexus G name as well. We care more about the specs here…

Perhaps LG will be able to push that name for some future Nexus product, presuming it keeps its relationship with Google. We’ll see… In the meantime, we want to know – would you like the Nexus G name more than Nexus 5?

[Via: G4Games]

  • C Jacobs

    It also could have been called a Poodle. But it isn’t. It’s called the Nexus 5. Move along….nothing to see here.

  • Karl Goetz

    Obviously we would like to see it named the Nexus 5 so that the numeric progression can continue. Nexus 6 will then either bring the destruction of mankind or hopefully a 4 year life span.

    • Chazz Matthews

      I won all the online debates this year that it would be called the Nexus 5. Everyone thought it would be the Nexus 4 (2013) edition or some silliness like that. I said, no, the smartphones are different from the tablets. There’s more evidence pointing to generation name (3 times now) than phone size (the gen4 Nexus 4 was way over 4″ anyway, the gen 2 Nexus S was exactly 4.0″, and the gen3 Galaxy Nexus was 4.65″).
      Sure, Google will need to clarify/change their smartphone Nexus naming before the the gen7 Nexus phone runs into the Nexus 7 tablet line, but until then Nexus 5 works better. Generation 5, also about 5″.

  • Duzfreund

    5 is better, because the letter G will soon be connected with a low spec phone thanks to the Moto G.

    • Chazz Matthews

      Thank you. Exactly.

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