Oppo to launch a separate brand for CyanogenMod phones

Oppo to launch a separate brand for CyanogenMod phones

You know how Chinese Oppo is vested into supporting CyanogenMod, right? Well, they don’t want to stop with the recently announced Oppo N1, and will rather launch a whole series of CyanogenMod devices. Heck, the idea is to separate that series from the rest of the company so that it can have its own marketing, sales channels and development processes.

According to Sohu IT (and brought to our attention by Unwired View), Oppo’s future CyanogenMod phones will rock top-notch specs and a custom version of the ROM tailored towards Chinese users (where Oppo still makes most of the money).

It would be interesting to see whether these Oppo-made devices could get some of the Nexus fan base, offering custom ROM with many new capabilities out of box. We like how that sounds and could easily envision Oppo becoming a force worth reckoning in the Android market.

In related news, the company is expanding its Ambassador program to Eastern Europe with plans to translate handset firmware into local languages, targeting users in Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

[Via: Unwired View]

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