LG-made Nexus 10 launching on November 22nd?

LG-made Nexus 10

An LG-made Nexus 10 has been leaked. Or so we think. According to 9to5Google, the image above apparently comes from an unhappy Telefonica employee who claims that the next Nexus 10 won’t be an ASUS (as we’ve previously heard), but an LG-made tablet.

The device, marked as LG-V510, may be launched on November 22nd with users being able to choose between black and white models. At that date, the Spanish carrier group will unveil an LTE-enabled model though we’re sure a Wi-Fi only variant will also be available.

Now we’re not sure what to think of this… We do realize a 10-inch device is missing from this year’s Google portfolio and the time to launch is now… to benefit from the holiday shopping craze. We should have all answers (or none) by the end of this week. Stay tuned…

LG-made Nexus 10

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