Ouya Taking Pre-orders for White Console With Double Storage.

Ouya, one of the original Android-powered micro-consoles, has a new special edition in the works. Ouya is now taking pre-orders for white version of its console and the company’s promising they’ll ship to customers in time for Christmas!

The difference isn’t merely cosmetic though. The White Ouya model will come with 16GB of flash storage, instead of the 8GB the standard model comes with. For the minor upgrade, the retail price of the console model will be bumped up $30, to $129 as opposed to the original edition’s $99 price tag.

Unfortunately that’s the only upgrade, as the Ouya’s relatively modest hardware won’t be getting a refresh anytime soon. The console’s affordability has been one of its main selling points as its struggled out of the gate. With graphical powerhouses like the PS4 and Xbox One releasing, the Ouya’s selection of (visually) simple games is seen as childish by some. And the majority of its exclusive titles are coming to Google Play eventually as well.

The still very low price of $129 is still in the sweet spot, however. Cheap enough that people can grab them up impulsively. We’ll see if the new look and storage upgrade move some more of Ouyas. And hopefully there will be a hardware refresh sometime next year!

[Via: Ouya]

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