Nokia shareholders clear the Microsoft deal

Nokia shareholders clear the Microsoft deal

Nokia shareholders are perfectly fine with Microsoft’s acquisition of what used to be the world’s largest phone maker. Of those surveyed, 99.7% agreed with the Microsoft sale, representing around 80% of Nokia’s shares. Some shareholders, on the other hand, were upset but that hasn’t stopped the majority from approving a deal worth around $7.2 billion.

The sale will see the now former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop returning to Microsoft early next year to run an expanded devices and services team. Then, if he gets its way, he may easily end-up at the helm of the world’s largest software company. Though he does face fierce competition for the Redmond giant’s top job.

As I’m writing this, we’re still pondering what will Microsoft do with Nokia’s devices, which include Lumia smartphones, Asha feature phones and an array of low-cost phones. The chances are it will want to sell “non-smart” parts of the business though it’s unclear which company would be interested in those assets. On the other hand, it will likely integrate Lumia division with its Surface business. We will be following this story closely and let you know as soon as we have something new to add. Stay tuned…

[Via: TheVerge]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    It’s not like shareholders had any choice now…

  • Gregory C Newman

    Folks Now for Microsoft to stay in Mobile all it has to do is to let it’s new Nokia/MS
    Employees continue to do their great job of making smart phones and software as well as they did for Nokia. No one will care if there is an Microsoft “LOGO” on their Lumia smart phones if they are made well. Also they need to continue the sale of the Nokia designed 2520 and have it Nokia staff design a Polycarbonate model just as thin as a 2520 running Windows 8,1 using an Intel Atom processor and sell it for 400 to 450 dollars to gain some sales in the Mobile tablet world. .MS needs a line of tablets that sell in the price range 0f 200 to 400 dollars to be a player in the Mobile tablet world. Right Now the trusty “Surface Pro”‘ is the TOP Microsoft tablet selling well in the market place.unfortunately the Surface Pro’s selling price is too high to a lot of People! .

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