T-Mobile wants to spend $3B on Verizon’s unused spectrum, says report

There’s no secret that T-Mobile is on a mission to gobble up as much spectrum as possible to improve their network. According to a report that surfaced recently, T-Mobile USA is eyeing unused spectrum from Verizon of all places. This comes after Magenta announced it planned to pocket $1.8 billion from selling off stock, as it looked to buy more spectrum.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer you have to be happy that your wireless provider isn’t just sitting idly by; instead, it’s trying to close many of the holes in its network. It’s hugely important for T-Mobile to take this chance to improve its reputation as a valuable cellular provider. The company has a new direction, and it seems to have grown tired of the criticism it gets for its lack of coverage in cities and rural areas across the country.

If Magenta gets its financials figured out it should stand a great chance to scoop up this unused spectrum from Verizon, especially being how Big Red is trying to climb out of the red from buying the other half of itself away from Vodafone.

Grabbing more spectrum is incredibly hard to do in a time like this, especially when you’re battling for it over behemoths like Verizon and AT&T. However, the company has no choice but to put its best effort forward, trying to overcome this “lack of coverage” tag as its only true Achilles heel.

Once T-Mobile makes its network more reliable, customers on other providers will take them more seriously when it comes to switching over.

[Reuters; via TMoNews]


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