Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Google Glass

Google Glass is paving the way for new forms of wearable technology. While a good chunk of people will likely opt for a smartwatch to pair with their smartphone before something like Glass, this form of wearable tech is coming, and it’s coming fast. That said, while Glass may be one of the more interesting pieces of equipment in the growing market of wearable technology, the first generation just might not be worth it for a few reasons. Google is expected to release a consumer version of the device early next year, which will be much more affordable than the pricey $1500 explorer headset. Even with a price decrease, Glass will be spendy, and is not promised to work with all Android handsets.

Cost aside, society at large is still trying to get used to the device, with many bars in the San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas banning the device from their establishments. A woman in California even received a traffic ticket for wearing Google Glass, due to its distractive nature. New tech always requires a settling in period (remember when looking at your phone at dinner was taboo?) and there’s no telling how long Google Glass will take to get there.

Our suggestion? Wait until the next generation of Google Glass. Here are some reasons why.

You’re a Glasshole

While you shouldn’t really give a damn what people think of you, it’s going to be a long time until people get used to seeing Glass in their everyday lives. Glass owners are probably used to getting strange looks, and no, they’re not thinking you look cool. They’re thinking you look like a dork. If you don’t believe me, check out the infamous Tumblr which depicts affluent white men wearing Google Glass.

Wearing Glass could keep others from taking you seriously in a conversation, and not just because you’re wearing Glass. As highlighted in this post, the face the face conversation could be changed, in which the person in the conversation that’s not wearing glass may not believe you have their attention. While using Google Glass isn’t as distracting as it looks when you put them on, the other person might not know that.

Be tactful. Don’t be a Glasshole.

Wearing Google Glass doesn’t make you a douchebag. It can just makes you look like one. If you’re strutting down the street thinking you’re hot shit, you may become susceptible to our next reason not to buy Glass right now.

Theft Magnet

Right now, only so many people have access to Google Glass. Given the high pricetag for the Explorer Edition, Glass is something that thieves will be looking for. It may not be Glass the thieves are after, but if you have Glass on, chances are you have a smartphone, laptop and maybe even a few other electronic devices on you. Sure, thieves assume everyone has a smartphone on them these days, but wearing Glass shows thieves that you have more than just an iPhone 3g in your pocket.

I know a handful of people who have had their phones stolen because the thief saw them wearing their headphones while walking down the street. Now, it wouldn’t be too hard to assume that taping your smartphone to your forehead would make it that much easier to steal.

Now, onto more realistic reason as to why you might want to hold off on Google Glass.

Note: We’re going to (reluctantly) gloss over the hefty price tag as a main deterrent from grabbing Google Glass right now. We’re expecting the headset to be much cheaper than the $1500 you need to shell out for the Explorer edition. We hope so, at least.

Lack of Applications

Although Android tablets are selling more than ever, outselling Apple’s iPad in the 3rd quarter of this year, Google is still struggling to get developers create great applications for tablets. Developers must make appropriate tweaks to their applications for multiple screen sizes just like smartphones. This is where Glass may have a leg up, given that there’s only one model to rule them all. That said, there’s a better chance that a developer would bring and Android tablet application to the table before a Glass app.  Reasons for this range from sparse availability, sky-high pricetag, and more.

Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few applications available for the smartglasses right now, but it’s going to take a while before the application catalog has a robust selection.

One day.. Wait for it.. Google Glass Will Look Like Regular Glasses

Google tried to make Glass as attractive as it could, but it still looks like a geeky tech toy. Given what’s actually in the headset, it’s no wonder it looks like that, but that will change as future generations of Glass come out. Within a few generations, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that Glass will look just like any other pair of glasses, which could be a good an a bad thing. You’d be able to enjoy the perks of Google Glass without anyone knowing, but on the flipside.. other people would be enjoying the ‘perks’ of Google Glass without anyone knowing.


  • Robert Vorthman

    Best reason not to buy Google Glass right now: It’s not available for sale.

    • Edward Clark

      It is actually for sale if you get an invite.

      • Robert Vorthman

        So if you are one of the few to be invited to the Explorer program, probably by a friend or colleague, this article is advising that the invitee reject the invitation? That is a very small audience to write an article for. This article is premature, of course there are not a lot of apps, the whole purpose of the Explorer program is to seed Glass to developers so they can develop apps before the consumer release.

        • Edward Clark

          I completely agree that this article is premature. Glass is a Beta product right now. The author of the article is ‘Guest Author’. I would not lend much credence to this article at all.

  • Leighann T

    Well you forgot one thing – an actual good reason to buy these is if you’re a huge golf fan. They will help and change your golf game. Back9Network goes into more depth about how and why that will be on their website

  • Satisfied Glass User

    I feel like there are some good points here, but for someone who actually has glass I can say it is super useful and in my case I don’t care if someone thinks its “Unattractive”. Not to mention I only get good feedback when I wear them in public. More often then not people will be interested in a good way, not a bad way. Also, if you are waiting for a pair that looks like a normal pair of glasses don’t hold your breath. Google has hinted that this is the final design of the product and may change very small physical features but this is basically the look they will be sticking with. It is my belief that just as smartphones caught on a very general amount of people with have Glass in the near future.

  • Satisfied Glass User

    *will have Glass in the near future.

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