Windows Phone Finally Gets an Instagram App – Still Missing Key Features

Instagram coming to Windows Phone

It’s been a long time coming, but Instagram has finally released a native app for Windows Phone. Long-suffering Windows phone users will finally be able to share pictures of incredibly interesting things such as pasta, soup, salads and their children! Well, sort of.

The new Instagram app has most of the great features that iOS and Android users have come to know and love. The filters are all here and you can see your feed full of your friend’s photos, and “heart” and comment too.  But a few things are curiously absent, most importantly the Windows app can’t upload video or take photos from within the app!

Windows Instagrammers can still upload photos from their camera roll, and Instagram for Windows Phone launches the native camera app to take new ones. There’s no option for video yet, but it’s all in the works.

Windows Phone users have long seen their beautiful devices go app-less, waiting patiently for ubiquitous iPhone and Android apps to finally take up a tile on their Microsoft machine. Instagram has finally made the leap over to Windows Phone and that’s big news even if the app is still working out the kinks.

You can grab Instagram for Windows Phone at the Windows Phone Store here. For more information, check out the release notes below:

Over 150 million users love Instagram! It’s a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments on your Windows Phone.

Customize your photos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects. Transform everyday moments into works of art you’ll want to share with friends and family.

Share your photos in a simple photo stream with friends to see – and follow your friends’ photos with the click of a single button. Every day you open up Instagram, you’ll see new photos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world.


• 100% free custom designed filters: XPro-II, Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Nashville, 1977, and others.
* Video recording with breathtaking cinematic stabilization
• Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field.
• Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare
• Unlimited uploads
• Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments
• Full front & back camera support
• And much much more…

[Via: Windows Phone Store]

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