Nokia Lumia 2520 Now Available On Verizon Today For $399

The Nokia Lumia 2520, the company’s first Windows tablet, has officially landed on Verizon shelves today. The 10.1 inch tablet offers up a handsome set of specs and can now be yours for $399 on a new two-year contract or $499 off-contract.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 shares most of the design elements from the Nokia’s Lumia handsets and would be a great addition to your tech arsenal if you’re already rocking something like a Lumia 928. Specifications include a 10.1 inch 1080p HD display, 2.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, 6.7 megapixel camera, 2GB RAM, 32GB memory, micro SD card slot, 8000 mAh battery, and more. Of course, the Lumia 2520 is also running Windows RT 8.1 and support for Verizon’s LTE Network.

For $399, the tablet can be yours on a new two-year contract, but we’d strongly suggest people to pony up the extra $100 and grab the 2520 off-contract.

If you’re interested in the Nokia Lumia 2520, but would rather have it on another carrier, you’re in luck. Starting tomorrow, AT&T will also begin to offer the Windows tablet. On contract, the Lumia 2520 will run for $399.99, but if you want to get some bang for your buck, AT&T has a pretty sweet deal for you. If bundled with a Nokia Lumia 925, 1020, or 1520, the tablet will only cost you $199 on-contract.

While the Lumia 2520 is a solid tablet, it’s coming at a time where the competition is stronger than ever. Tablets like the iPad Air, Nexus 7, and Kindle Fire series already have a solid following in the market, so it will be interesting to see if Nokia’s latest tablet offering will sway users away. In either case, this is one of the best Windows tablets available today, and that’s likely going to be enough for users looking for a Windows tablet.

If you’re looking for a solid LTE-enabled Windows tablet with a sexy design, be sure to check out the Nokia Lumia 2520 and stay tuned for our official review!


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