Sony’s “Smart Wig” Patent Filing Has Us Scratching Our Heads

Ok, so this whole wearable tech thing is getting pretty silly. Smartwatches such as the Galaxy Gear, Pebble and Sony Smartwatch 2 are pretty neat, I’ll admit. Google Glass? Still looks weird, but awesome nonetheless. But some of the wearables we’ve been seeing over the last few months, in the flesh or through FCC filings, have been pretty wacky to say the least. Seen passing through the FCC, Sony’s new wearable patent leaves us scratching our heads. Quite literally.

The new Sony patent depicts a special wig, which would have a computer and various sensors built-in. Wait a wig? I dunno guys.

Here’s a chunk of text from the patent filing:

Wearable computing device, comprising a wig that is adapted to cover at least a part of a head of a user, at least one sensor for providing input data, a processing unit that is coupled to the at least one sensor for processing said input data, and a communication interface that is coupled to the processing unit for communicating with a second computing device. The at least one sensor, the processing unit and the communication interface are arranged in the wig and at least partly covered by the wig in order to be visually hidden during use.

I mean, it’s not that much more insane than Motorola’s recent smart tattoo idea, which definitely ushers in the singularity. If Sony is granted the patent however, I hope they make the wig stylish enough to go with my Motiif smart trench coat, and doesn’t obscure the view of my Google Glass headset.

Here’s an even better quote from the patent filing:

Wigs are useful to enhance a user’s appearance and change other’s impressions because different hairstyles give different impressions. Thus many people use wigs. Especially bald people who usually wear wigs in their daily lives could take advantage of this.

And let’s not forget the cosplayers:

Also, many so-called “cosplayers” wear wigs and costumes to imitate their favorite characters in comics and animated films.

So there you have it. From bald people to cosplayers, Sony’s got you covered.

It sure is a brave new world. And I for one, am no longer scared of going bald.

[Via: USPTO]


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