Sprint’s Galaxy Note 2, AT&T’s Galaxy S3 get Android 4.3 updates all with Galaxy Gear support

Sprint's Galaxy Note 2, AT&T's Galaxy S3 get Android 4.3 updates

After international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II got its Android 4.3 update, Sprint is following suit with its own specific version of Sammy’s phablet. Aside from all the platform changes, the new firmware also includes Galaxy Gear smart watch support, Samsung KNOX secure environment compatibility, and HD Voice enhancements.

Meanwhile, AT&T is rolling out a similar software update for the Galaxy S3. Again, Galaxy Gear support comes included and so do a number of software tweaks that will make Samsung’s last year flagship look like a still-hot Galaxy S4. We just hope this software version is better than the one Samsung “offered” to the international crowd and which was buggy as hell; hence the Korean company had to suspend the rollout until all of the bugs are squashed.

Anyway, the big picture is obvious – Samsung wants to have as many of its devices as possible compatible with its smart watch to benefit from the holiday shopping craze. So our question is – will you be getting the Galaxy Gear yourself?

  • Daniel

    I have a sprint note 2, but I don’t see no update, so I hope you are right, it’s about time!!

    • Raj

      Actually it has been retracted – check the the sprint site it is no longer available.

      • Jose Armando Escalante

        would you happen to have the link for the retraction if it is ?

  • Bob Morth

    I have the Note 2 and the Gear watch waiting for the update to use.

  • slade

    I have the Sprint Note 2 and I’m still waiting. Anyone out there get the update?

  • Cudzo

    Finally got the 4.3 update here in Boston for the Note 2… not bad at all!

    • Zac G.

      Are you on Sprint?

  • Jose Armando Escalante

    i have the GNote2 for sprint and still waiting, my gf got her update on the GS4, the patience is just klling me.

    • clyde

      Your story is the same as mine.. lol

  • Zac G.

    Sprint Note 2, still waiting in Arizona

  • Stephanie

    i want Android 4.3

  • Matt

    sprint gs3 still didnt get it :/

  • Myrick

    I have a Sprint GN2. I do not have the update yet, but on my account with sprint, this is what they are saying… and there is NO RETRACTION that I can see:




    HD Voice enhancements

    Samsung KNOX secure environment compatibility

    Galaxy Gear compatibility

    Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update:

  • Buck

    I got the 4.3 update for the Galaxy Note 2 a few hours ago in Pittsburgh!It’s pretty sweet!

    • Zac G.

      On Sprint?

  • Scott Schmoke

    I got 4.3 sprint note 2 charging 100 then installing Pittsburgh pa

  • Tony

    I just got my 4.3 update in Port St Lucie Fl on my S3! So far looking great!

  • danny

    Still waiting Haven’t got the update

  • colby

    got 4.3 on my att s3 doubles my battery and runs very nice hit Missouri 4 days ago

  • Zac G.

    Still waiting in Arizona


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