Can’t Get a PS4? – 320GB PS3 is Only $180 from Groupon!

Public Service Announcement: Groupon has  PS3s on sale for only $179.99 right now! The simple package comes with a refurbished PS3 sporting a 320 GB hard drive is great for filling up with free Playstation Plus games. So if you’ve been waiting to get a PS3, this is a great time!

Yes, we know that Sony’s new console, the PS4, and Microsoft’s just-released Xbox One are ruling the gaming news.  But those next-gen machines come with next-gen prices that not all of us can afford. The PS4 is completely sold out too, and Xbox One’s appear to be going that way. So whether you’re a bargain hunter, looking for something to tide you over until you can get a next-gen system, or you’re an Xbox gamer curious about how the other side lives, now is a great time to get a PS3 on the cheap!

The deals on for 3 days, so you’ve got until Monday evening, November 25th. The details from Group0n follow below. Grab your new PS3 while the getting’s good right here!

Sony PlayStation 3 320GB System
Clouds parted. Souls stirred. Effervescent moonbeams pierced the firmament, carrying with them a cavalcade of Sony PlayStations—a compact, silver system destined to change the gaming industry indefinitely. The PlayStation collection cherishes family above all else, determined to cultivate a lineage with nary a black sheep in its electronic stable. The PlayStation 3 honors its forebears by offering features that they could only dream about, such as a built-in Blu-ray player and 320GB of storage for movies, music, photos, and games. An expansive online network not only connects players from across the globe, it also enables access to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant.

Slim PlayStation 3 with a built-in Blu-ray player with 3D capabilities
320GB of storage for games, movies, songs, and photos
Built-in WiFi
PlayStation Network with access to online gaming, the PlayStation Store, and streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant
Connect a digital video camera directly to the system, upload personal photographs, and view them in one of five slideshow modes
Save your video and CD catalog directly on the hard drive
Includes a DualShock 3 wireless controller
HDMI output for 1080p resolution
Condition: manufacturer refurbished
In the box: PlayStation 3 320GB system, DualShock wireless controller, A/C power cord, AV cable, and USB cable

[Via: Groupon]

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