Gummy ROM Brings Android 4.4 KitKat to the Verizon LG G2

Although we’re not exactly sure when the official Android 4.4 KitKat update will be arriving for the Verizon LG G2, there is a way to get a near stock Android 4.4 build running on your LG G2 right now. A new custom ROM has appeared for the device, called Gummy ROM. The device is based off of an AOSP build of Android 4.4 with a few goodies and additions sprinkled in. Features include:

  • Status Bar Mods
  • Theme Manager
  • Hardware Key Mod
  • Lock Screen Mod
  • Many Wallpapers
  • Performance Control
  • Application Permission Controls
  • Carrier Label Options
  • Background Style
  • Lock clock widget

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? If you want to go ahead and install the ROM on your LG G2, make sure the device is rooted and remember to do a full backup of your data. There’s nothing worse than losing all of your user data, trust me. ROM installation instructions follow below, as well as links to the needed files:

  1. Download ROM
  2. Download Gapps
  3. Push to sd card
  4. Reboot Recovery
  5. Wipe Data and Cache
  6. Install ROM
  7. Install Gapps
  8. Reboot System

If you haven’t rooted your LG G2 yet, check out instructions over at XDA Developers, and take a glance at the video below. Happy hacking! [Via: Droid Hive]

  • Christian

    Will the knock-on still work?

  • Howler

    Any chance that the 4.4 update from LG will be a stock Kit Kat 4.4? I assume it will have all of the LG overlays and such.

    Would it be better to put the clean 4.4 on this unit or wait?


  • Tomyk89

    Howler: Any update released by LG will definitely have their mods done to it. There will probably be very minimal differences between LG’s 4.2 and an LG 4.4 build. To appreciate 4.4, or any android ROM really, you want the vanilla (stock version). I personally have run GUMMY since it came out and they have 99% of the bugs worked out now. It is definitely worth trying if you are a more advanced android user

    Christian: KnockON still works, however knockOFF does not. My current work around is setting a long press on the back button to turn the screen off. I actually like this equally well due to it being easier to do and works on the first try (unlike knockOFF)

    Hope this helps!

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