Add Payment Cards To Google Wallet on iOS and Android By Snapping a Picture

Google Wallet now available on Sprint's HTC One, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S4 and US Cellular's Note II

Last week, Google added some deals and reward program benefits to its Android and iOS apps. Google also announced that customers in the U.S. will be able to obtain a Google Wallet card, complete with a MasterCard logo. Just a few short days later, Google added the ability to add cards to Google Wallet simply by taking a picture of the card. Once a photo is taken, Google Wallet will identify the card numbers, and expiration date, and plug the information into the app.

Entering credit card information on a mobile device can be a pain, and Google just made it a while lot easier to store payment cards in Google Wallet.

If you haven’t tried out Google Wallet yet, hit the links below to give it a whirl.

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