Designed by m CURB: The minimalist answer to laptop overheating

Sometimes the simplest creations are the most useful — and in this case, designed by m’s CURB best suits such a statement. Priced at $16.99, laptop owners get a minimalist stand that helps solve such a tedious issue suffered by so many laptops: overheating.

The CURB’s aesthetics are unique as it’s a triangle-shaped bar that is placed under the back bottom part of any notebook computer. The triangular stand lifts your machine about an inch off the surface, allowing the heat to circulate from underneath better. It’s made of a silicone that allows for flexibility, which is perfect for parents with curious kids. In addition to its build, the CURB has a tiny cut in the middle where users can drape their AC adapter cord in between. The cut is designed to keep the computers’ cord from sliding off on the floor, which in my experience worked well.

Overall, the CURB is a very good product. Arguably the design was influenced by Apple‘s line of MacBooks, as their fans are usually at the back bottom. With that in mind, some may criticize why a cut wasn’t put at the end of the left side of the bar to better accommodate a cord on a MacBook. However, I feel the slit in the middle was placed accurately, as its sole purpose is to prevent any AC adapter cord from sliding to the back of your desk.

The CURB comes in a slew of colors, including white, dark gray, light gray, pink, black, blue, lime, “believer green” and glow in the dark (limited supply). Personally, I love the glow in the dark as it reminds me of a big glow stick. What else can I say, It’s functional and it fits in your bag.

I definitely recommend CURB: a minimal solution for overheating laptops as it functions properly and looks stylish while doing it.


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