Ikoid.com Launches, Bundles Android Games At Low Prices

If you’re an Android gamer looking to save a little cash on those game purchases, a new website called ikoid.com could just be your answer. The site, which launched on November, 23rd offers bundles of four to six games every one to three weeks.

“ikoid.com’s central goal is to rethink the way Android games get discovered both by casual and hardcore gamers.”

Ikoid is offering a launch bundle which includes a 75% discount, and includes five games for only $2.49. The games included in the Launch Bundle are:

  • They Need To Be Fed
  • Bridge Constructor Playground
  • Hero of Many
  • Don’t run with a Plasma Sword
  • Streetfood Tycoon Extreme

Check out ikoid.com and start saving on Android games! Press release follows below.

Android-only Bundle Site ikoid.com Launches with 5 Handpicked Games at 75% Discount

Zurich, Switzerland – 23rd November 2013 – A new bundle site dedicated exclusively to Android gaming is set to help gamers find quality titles for their Android devices while saving them bundles of cash in the process.

ikoid.com will sell Android games bundled together in groups of 4-6 games every 1-3 weeks. The launch bundle offers 5 quality games that would normally cost close to $10 for only $2.49 (equivalent to roughly 75% discount).

The model introduced by ikoid.com benefits not only gamers, but also developers, who enjoy higher visibility for their games and a fairer deal compared to other appstores. “On the one hand you can feel this huge consumer excitement about Android gaming at the moment, while on the other hand you see developers constantly struggling to obtain some visibility” says Jose Iria, founder of ikoid.com. “ikoid.com’s central goal is to rethink the way Android games get discovered both by casual and hardcore gamers”.

The launch bundle includes They Need to Be Fed, Bridge Constructor Playground, Hero of Many, Don’t Run with a Plasma Sword, and Streetfood Tycoon Extreme. Bundle “Numero Uno”, as it’s called, becomes available on November 22, 2013 00:00 CET. The bundle site is optimized for Android tablets and mobile phones, as well as any other internet connected devices.

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