Microsoft Sells Over 1 Million Xbox One Consoles in 24 Hours

The console wars have officially begun, and Microsoft has entered the ring swinging. Just 24 hours after releasing the next-gen Xbox, Microsoft has sold over 1 million Xbox One consoles. At $500 a pop, Microsoft surely raked in a tidy profit.

The first new Xbox in eight years, the Xbox One goes head to head against Sony’s PS4, which was released on November 15th. The PS4 sold over 1 million units just 24 hours after its release. Gamestop also has 2.3 million people waiting for their chance to get a PS4, which means getting a PS4 this Holiday season may be a little bit harder than expected. At this point it’s hard to tell who’s winning the console wars, as fanboys on either side are defending their choice of console to the death.

The Xbox One currently has 22 titles available, with many more coming in time for the holidays. The Xbox One is priced at $499 in the U.S., whereas Sony’s PS4 is priced at $399.

[Via: The Guardian]

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