Android 4.3 making the OTA rounds to the T-Mobile Galaxy S4

Owners of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4 should rejoice as an update is coming your way. Magenta has put out all the detailed information about the latest Android 4.3 firmware to hit the Samsung flagship handset. Updates starting going out to phones early this morning around 5am by way of over-the-air. Inside the new upgrade is some subtle changes such as the addition of KNOX and Samsung Gear support.

We assume the delay has been for T-Mobile to work out all the bugs, and feel comfortable with the software before it was sent out to the masses. Well, at least this what appears to be the case, but who knows these are carriers we’re talking about. Here’s additional details you should know about before upgrading to Android version 4.3 (build M919UVUEMK2):


  • Android version 4.3 / Baseband version M919UVUEMK2
  • Approved 11/26/2013
  • OTA and Samsung Kies update available 11/26/2013


  • KNOX
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear support


  • Device software is not rooted
  • 50 percent battery life
  • Latest version of Kies software downloaded on PC or MAC
  • Data connection
  • File size of update is 781 MB

Let us know if you have received your Android 4.3 update? Tell us how you like it in our comment section.

[TmoNews; via T-Mobile]

  • Miguel

    I have an SIII and I got the update on Saturday. Ota, on T-Mobile. Everything is so smooth. I noticed by using a task killer that the Ram in 4.1.2 it would free up anywhere from 300-500 Mb. In 4.3 it has not gone above 300Mb yet . only one gripe is the notifications they never clear.

  • Tormarbu

    I received it on my S4 this morning and so far all is cool.

  • James W

    Good luck guys, my installation off 4.3 on my S3 was an abortion. There are times my phone never wakes up, freezes, restarts (repeatedly) has weird notifications (audio) and then some. Samsung do not even come back to anyone about this. I find it amazing that Apple are not bringing out adds about this one.

  • fakri

    Just some random changes such as the police on the keyboard and the colours in emails
    HOWEVER therd is NO ACCESS to turn on/off mpbile data in the notification panel. £×&$&#$/!!!??? i dont get it it sucks for that very reason

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