Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Adds Spider, Hundreds, and Desert Bus – 9 Android Games for $5.30!

As usual, the latest Humble Bundle has sweetened the pot and added 3 more games! Android devices are getting some love with the Humble Mobile Bundle 3, and now Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, Desert Bus, and Hundreds have been added to the already great line-up. Android users can get 9 great games for a little more than 5 bucks! Grab it here!

You can pay what you want for post-apocalyptic shooter EPOCH, space game Rymdkapsel, word puzzler SpellTower and hack-and-slash Swordigo. If you pay above the average of $5.26, you can grab Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption (on Android for the first time!), tower-defense game Kingdom Rush,  driving game Desert Bus, the fast-paced counting game Hundreds, and spooky mystery game Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor.

This is an incredible lineup of games and a ridiculous amount of content for your $5.26. As usual, the folks at Humble Bundle have sweetened the pot with even more extras. Most of the included games come with downloadable soundtracks. There’s also a mystery game that has yet to be unlocked, so be on the lookout for even more goods coming for your fiver!

Since its first offering back in 2010, the Humble Bundle has provided a model for crowdfunding that’s a win for everyone involved. The consumer gets a great deal on a selection of games, the game creators are compensated directly, and charities such as Child’s Play get funding. Also, you can choose how much of your donation goes to each, as well as the “Humble Tip” which funds the continued work of the Humble Bundle folks with convenient sliders.

The last Humble Mobile Bundle came out in September. The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 featured  Star Command, Punch Quest, Bloons TD 5,  Time Surfer, beautiful 3D action RPG Ravensword: Shadowlands and bloody cult classic Carmageddon. This new line-up aims to bring even more greatness to Android on the cheap!

Grab the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 here. Check out announcement and the trailer below!

Three more games added to Humble Mobile Bundle 3!

If your fingers are itching for more, you’re in luck because Humble Mobile Bundle 3 is now teeming with three additional Android games! If you’ve already paid more than the average, you’ll find Hundreds, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor and Desert Bus available now on your download page!

Don’t worry if you haven’t picked up a bundle yet, just pay more than the average price to receive these awesome games as well as EPOCH, rymdkapsel, SpellTower, Swordigo, Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption and Kingdom Rush!

Check out the latest additions:

Hold your finger on a circle to make it grow while the number inside it simultaneously counts up from zero. Grow the circles so they add up to 100. Simple, right? The difficulty increases with the introduction of multiple bouncing circles, bubbles, and circle-deflating saw gears. Hundreds, a minimalist puzzle game, requires an interesting mix of reflexes, patience and strategy. From the creators of Canabalt and Solipskier.

Hundreds has received Honorable Mention from the 2012 Independent Games Festival for Best Mobile Game, and the Excellence in Visual Art award from the 2013 Independent Games Festival.

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Get into the life of an adventurous spider for a day in the mystery action-adventure game, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Discover an abandoned mansion and the secrets it harbors while you spin webs to catch your food. But be careful not to run out of silk, otherwise you’ll meet an unpleasant demise. The game also features beautiful storybook illustrations and 4 different modes of gameplay.

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor was named 2009 Game of the Year by Touch Arcade and Best Mobile Game by the Independent Games Festival.

Desert Bus

It’s Vegas or bust in the driving simulator, Desert Bus! Three hundred and sixty miles of barren desert stands between you and sunny Las Vegas, but it’s a one-try trip and if you fall off the road, you’re heading back to Arizona, tow-truck style. So hop on, grab your coffee and get ready for this eight-hour trip to sin city! All proceeds will support the annual Desert Bus for Hope charity fundraiser for Child’s Play, hosted by the crew from LoadingReadyRun.

Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption

Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption is a deceptive fishing game that turns into insane fish-blasting. Cast your line as deep as possible, hook as many fish as you can on its way up and then grab your shotgun, aim and fire. For every fish blasted, you’ll earn money to upgrade your fishing line and firearm. So watch your fish fly sky-high and then shoot them to smithereens on their way down. Ridiculous, indeed.

Kingdom Rush

Defend your kingdom against droves of orcs, evil wizards, trolls and other nasty creatures in Kingdom Rush, the epic action-fantasy tower defense game. As with most tower defense games, you must construct towers to keep out the slew of enemies ambushing your castle, from knights in shining armor to fierce little demons. Kingdom Rush also lets you deploy barack-towers that hold fighting footmen ready to serve their king!


A lone robotic soldier wakes up in a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland with his charge nowhere in sight. On a search to find the last outpost of humanity, the robot must shoot his way through menacing robot hordes. EPOCH is powered by fantastically crisp graphics and an intuitive control system that makes combat fluid and easy to learn.


rymdkapsel is the beautifully-rendered strategy game that tests your ability to configure tetromino shapes into an impregnable space station. Under attack from alien minions, you have to cycle between fending off the invaders, commanding your space station and managing your resources in the ultimate battle for survival. Enjoy the game’s crisp graphics and vibrant shapes as you race against the clock!


For all the word-lovers out there, SpellTower will have you hooked from the beginning. This word puzzle game is beautifully simple in design, so you can focus all your attention on making words of sophistication and magnitude. Connect tiles to spell out words across four addicting single-player modes and an intense multi-player mode.


Swordigo is a side-scrolling hack-n-slash platformer filled with magical adventures. Journey forth with just a sword at first, but as you level up your blue spiky-haired character, you’ll build an arsenal of magical spells. Hack-n-slash through a slew of monsters and battle epic bosses as you set out to find an almighty sword that will stop the Corruptors and ensuing dark times ahead.

The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 is only live for one more week, don’t miss out on nine marvelous Android games! Head on over to the site to grab your bundle today!

[Via: Humble Blog]

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