LG G Flex 2 to boast flexible chassis?

LG G Flex 2

Even though the first G Flex is still not available outside of South Korean, LG has reportedly started working on its successor. According to ZDNet Korea, what will make any G Flex 2 better than what we’ve got today is a special rubber chassis that will enable the device to flex up to 90 degrees. We would guess the chassis is just one part of the equation as other components also need to have some sort of built-in flexibility.

The current G Flex features a P-OLED display and curved OLED panel built on plastic substrates instead of glass, as well as a specially designed flexible battery that uses LG Chem’s Stack & Folding technology to reduce physical stress and improve stability. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Round rocks a curved display which is not really flexible, though it does have some perks (like full HD screen and 3GB of RAM) that make it a more powerful curved phone…

[Via: MobileSyrup]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I still wait for the original G Flex… 🙂

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