Microsoft to take over Nokia’s headquarters in Espoo

Microsoft to take over Nokia's headquarters in Espoo

As part of the deal to sell its mobile phone business to Microsoft, the Redmond giant will get Nokia’s long-time headquarters in Keilaniemi Espoo.

The premise is currently owned by the property investment and management company Exilion, since Nokia surrendered ownership in a sale-and-lease-back arrangement that is commonly used in corporate circles. At the time Nokia pocketed 170 million Euros in the transaction.

Some of Nokia’s remaining employees in management and research teams will be relocate to Nokia’s own premises in Karaportti, Espoo, while others will set up in Otaniemi.

Yeah, it’s kinda sad to see the fancy building being occupied by a non-Nokia entity, but I guess that’s the way things are working these days. Hopefully, the acquisition of Nokia will help Microsoft push Windows Phone forward and establish the platform as the relevant competitor to iOS and Android…


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