Giveaway: Halo iPhone Case Offers Up Safety For You And Your Phone

Smartphone theft is everywhere, and a new indiegogo is looking to keep you and your phone safe in the form of Halo. Halo offers some incredibly interesting safety features for an iPhone case that we know you’ve never seen before.  Lucky for you, we’re going to give away one of these bad boys, along with a few other benefits!

The winner of the contest will receive the following:

– A limited edition Halo device one month prior to public availability
– Three limited edition, numbered, CAD Drawings of the device in its early stages
– Becoming a part of an Elite Group of users to provide product feedback directly to the design team
– Special for this giveaway, we’ll paint the winner’s Halo with a custom skin or paint job

Are you in? Then check out how to enter below!

Entering is simple:

Spread the word about @haloprotects indiegogo campaign ( and answer one of these questions in the comments section of this post:

Why do smartphones need integrated hardware features for personal safety and anti-theft? Or, have you had ever your iPhone stolen, what’s your story?

The contest will run for a week and winners will be chosen on Wednesday, December 4th at 1:00 p.m. (Pacific). The winner will be contacted via email and will have 30 minutes to reply and claim their prize. If the winner does not reply within the required time, another winner will be chosen! Also, please make sure that a proper email is registered with our comment system so we can contact you!

Good luck!

  • Steve Linsenmann

    As far as integrated safety features this whole idea is new to me. However, I have had my iPhone stolen/lost and it felt like it took months to recover (if ever). All my work, and contacts were gone but most importantly pictures and things I couldn’t replace we’re gone!

  • Angela Shadwick

    We need this hardware to keep ourselves and our phones safe! If we was to lose our phone the hardware could help recover it by tracing where it is or if we was to get kidnapped the police could use this device to find our direct location! It could be useful in a lot of ways! ????????

  • Caroline Pennartz

    I had my phone stolen when I was living in a big city, not in the best neighborhood. I was walking from my friend’s house back to my apartment one night when someone jumped out of nowhere, punched me in the face and stole my phone out of my hand. It was a terrible experience but the worst part was losing all of the personal and family photos that were on my phone. A device like Halo could have really made a difference for me and many others who have experienced the same thing.

  • Bethany

    First, when substitute teaching at an inner city middle school,
    I had my iPhone stolen. I was one of the
    lucky ones. It was “found” under the
    cafeteria bleachers the next day, but that was only after the Principal
    threatened to have the police search every student’s home. I count myself very fortunate.

    But even crazier was what I saw another day. I was sitting on the train next to a woman. Both of us were texting. At one stop, a little girl literally snatched
    the phone out of the hands of the woman sitting next to me and ran off the
    train. The woman started screaming, and
    people dashed off the train to try and tackle the girl. I don’t know if she got away or not. But how useful would it be to have a ring in
    your pocket that sets off an alarm on your phone? What if your phone literally gets snatched
    out of your hands and you have only moments to call for help? We need a lot more phone security, that’s for

  • Ajay Satpute

    The Halo seems useful, sleek, and strikes a cutting-edge balance between too yesterday and too Trekkie. The ring or I think the ‘Halo’ in which you put your finger looks well-designed and carefully thought through. It’s not like putting on a wedding ring that’s stuck and will never come off when you need it to. And you don’t have to ‘try’ to put it on, it just slips on and off, and it probably doesn’t get messy or ripped or allow for leakage. The designers seem to be meticulous in their consideration- a good sign for a product like this.

    I am fortunate enough not to have had my iPhone stollen, but I certainly know people who have and it seems like it could happen at any time. Part of me wants to just get a crappy GoPhone and never worry about it. But a device like this would allow me to keep the comfort, and security, of an iPhone.

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