Two unannounced Nokia Asha phones leaked

Two unannounced Nokia Asha phones leaked

The latest hot tip (two tips actually) from EVleaks includes two forthcoming Nokia Asha phones.

The first of the two (pictured on the left), codenamed Nokia Normandy, kinda reminds us on some Lumia smartphones, but the fact that it has that Asha-like back button suggests this is a feature phone, rather than a Windows Phone-powered device.

The other model, on the other hand, is obviously an Asha handset with somewhat awkward screen. It apparently it has a 4:3 screen ratio like LG’s Optimus Vu series. However, as a device wearing the Asha moniker, it is rather “dumb,” feature wise though its owners will still be able to run apps like Viber and WhatsApp.

We’ve no idea when these two will launch but we’ll make sure to share every interesting tidbit we come across. Stay tuned…

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